Saturday, March 05, 2011

The hills are alive

Well, have returned from the slopes in one piece.

Here is a very quick summary of some bits and bobs:

1. I visited the International museum of the Reformation and had a moment.

2. Learnt to play Monopoly deal which is stunningly good fun.

3. Watched the Little House on the Prairie with my Goddaughter and her little sister and was left wondering if the perm is ever likely to make a comeback? Great wholesome storytelling.

4. I read Poke the box among other things and you should too. Do read this and then do what it says. I got it for free (finger and pulse and all that) and you can read more about it here.

5. Listened to the Wallin Jennys while playing Monopoly. Lovin it.

6. Finally, I have got to Chapter Eight. Praise be......If you missed 1-7 you can catch up here.

7. Soul Survivor 10 is out. Happy memories.

8. Krish has some wise advice about Rob Bell. This discussion is already off about his new book.

9. I arrived back to deliveries of the new Keller and the new Peterson.  A which to read first dilemma.....

10. My Swiss friends home group are reading this and are being much blessed. It has 40 chapters and so it's going to be my Lent reflection.

Glad to be back dear friends......

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