Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday blog-sweep

How to help Japan- five options

It was one of the stories of the year so 33 Men looks worth putting in the bag as a summer read.

The idea of a 20-minute plan

The Civil Wars is one to buy.

All the big dreamers start small

A friend emailed me to say just how much these talks I recommended had blessed his relationship with the one he loves- they listened to them together. Always nice to get a bit of feedback and encouragment...

I met a wonderful entrepreneur who told me about Hootsuite. Please do check out her website and why not give someone a days course as a present? I think she might like Enchantment.

A friend is reading and greatly enjoying Desiring God and here Piper explains Christian Hedonism

I like this both/and thought

What will a world without Jobs mean?

The key trait of successful teachers

I want to be better at listening

15 books you should know are coming soon ( H/TDash House)

How to have a creative life

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