Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to spend a day on 'The Art of Self-leadership'

We went away as a church leadership team.

What should you do if you have half a day or day with a few people and you want them to reflect on their leadership, their calling and the state of their souls? Maybe you have a church staff, a small group, a small gathering of Christians vocationally or maybe you want to do this personally as a retreat.

Feel free to use this model and I say that because it blessed me so much and it may bless you too.
If you haven't read Courageous leadership I recommend it. It is more packed with wisdom than one person can cope with in one lifetime (and that is from someone who loves Eugene Peterson A LOT)

1. Arrive and have coffee together

2. Sing and praise God together

3. Reflect on 1 Samuel 30 and about what it means to strengthen yourself in the Lord

4. Give everyone a copy of 'The art of self-leadership' from Courageous Leadership [p. 185-197]

1. Is my calling sure?
2. Is my vision clear?
3. Is my passion hot?
4. Am I developing my gifts?
5. Is my character submitted to Christ?
6. Is my pride subdued?
7. Am I overcoming fear?
8. Are interior issues undermining my leadership?
9. Is my pace sustainable?
10. Is my love for God and for people increasing?

5. Allow 45 mins of solitary reading, journalling and reflection on these questions and 1 Sam 30 then gather and allow each person a time to feed back on one or two things.

6. Have lunch together of food that nearly everyone has brought and shared (Sheena thanks for buying my cheese!)

7. After lunch sing again

8. Each person consider and share briefly their prayer needs (personal, ministry or other)

9. Pray in twos and threes.

10. Drive home


Anonymous said...

Dave - great post. I was given this book by Richard Frank before we left to start a Vineyard up in South Suffolk. It has stayed with me as a constant companion. Sounds like a good day. Thx for sharing. ASD

David Cooke said...

It's a smashing book. Thanks for the encouragement.

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