Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandwich woman

I awoke to hear on the Today programme that Alison Pearson, the Daily Mail columnist, has quit her job due to depression. Here is an article from the NY Times called Mind over meds that is an interesting take on the place Western culture (and Alison) finds itself in:

"…psychiatry has been transformed from a profession in which we talk to people and help them understand their problems into one in which we diagnose disorders and medicate them."

Alison Pearson below seems to prove the cultural problem:

"The typical female of my age has been dubbed Sandwich Woman because she found herself in the middle of two demanding generations. 
Sandwich Woman postponed having her first baby till her 30s to get her career established. She and her partner couldn’t afford a house to raise kids in on one salary, so she had to keep working. 
Then, just as Sandwich Woman got the kids sleeping through the night, one of her parents fell ill. As the modern family is so dispersed, chances are your mum and dad don’t live round the corner any more.
So Sandwich Woman had to drive hundreds of miles to keep an eye on a confused or ailing parent, then race back again to collect the kids from school. Somewhere in between there was a job to be taken care of. 
And a man. Life is no picnic for Sandwich Woman — though let me tell you she would dearly love to have time to go on picnics with the kids, in summer, when the weather gets nice. 
Is it women who are mad, or is it the society we live in? We always suspected there would be a price for Having It All, and we were happy to pay it; but we didn’t know the cost would be our mental health. "

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