Monday, April 19, 2010

More than letters please

Now I do love the C of E but so many things need re-branding. So much needs a complete overhaul. So much is so out of touch and incomprehensible it makes me scream at times.

Take, for example, the title of our annual meeting or should I say our A.P.C.M (Annual Parochial Church Meeting). It doesn't trip off the tongue now does it? One dear lady wondered why no one under 40 comes. "Perhaps it's in the name" I gently advised her.

We like a set of letters as descriptors in the C of E. They often make me smile. If you are wanting to be selected for ordination you are a sent on a 'BAP' (Bishop's advisory panel). One group of well-meaning folk called their group 'F.O.C.A' which, if you are in Merseyside, I think might mean something other than 'Fellowship of Confessing Anglican's.

So, just a word if you are thinking up a new C of E working party or campaign. Please choose your letters carefully and, if possible, here's some advice- don't choose any at all.

Just to prove that the C of E is not the only Church that seems, at times, completely nuts, try the 'Snake handlers' for size. (But it might liven up General Synod :)

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