Sunday, April 25, 2010


I was in the car listening to the radio and this is what stopped me short: Goldman Sachs reported first quarter profits of £2.25bn. That figure just couldn't be right could it? Surely I had misheard. Didn't we bail out all the banks? Didn't Lehman Brothers go bust? Aren't we in the deepest recession since the 30's. Don't we have a national debt of £168bn?

I hadn't misheard.

As todays Rich List shows that there are a few who have a lot. They always have done but they seemingly now have even more.

"The richest people in Britain have seen a record boom in wealth over the past year. Their fortunes have soured 30% even though much of the UK is struggling to recover from recession...." (Sunday Times April 25th 2010)

Urgh? I am confused and just can't be any more because it is making me angry. I am reading Whoops and Injustice. I will let you know what I discover.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I am coming steadily to a place of absolute convincedness that revival is our only hope.

Try as we might, a spirit of evil will prevail unless God intervenes in power.

We must unite, intercede, cry and surrender to Jesus if we want to see this nation changed.