Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have been writing my essay and you will be happy to hear the end is in sight. Here is the question I have been pondering,

"Is a pastor or a CEO better equipped to lead a growing church?"

As part of this I have been thinking about Vision and some words of John Ortberg were helpful to me.

One reader complained about not being able to comment so I have unblocked the comments (the arrival of Chinese porn with regularity made me turn to moderation so we will see how we go)

We are re-doing our church website. If you have a favourite church website then feel free to post a link to it and tell me what you like about it. One I liked was CCK in Brighton and especially the idea of a testimony on the home page.

A great picture Safe on Daddy's arm and Two essential traits of great leaders

Justin Taylor explores the future of books.

If God wants me happy why am I suffering so much?

McClaren somehow lost his way and here are some thoughts on how it happened.

The work of God in the life of a leader might be a good listen?

I watched this and was left thinking why not get on with it instead of faffing around on you iPad to do list!

Finally, if you like finding new blogs then Adrian Warnock has a selection from his time at New Word Alive that I may look at when I have time.

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