Thursday, April 29, 2010

One for the pod

Kester had a great post on Gordon's bigot moment.

I again left my essay until the last minute so am reading my way slowly through these posts called Inside the mind of a procrastinator. (I know, I know, why not just get on with the 'To do' list instead of reading a blog about it. Here stands the problem!)

I had a very long drive so got to do some listening:

John Lennox on Transforming our workplaces (scroll down to 13/02/2010)

Driscoll on Legalism is absolutely superb and he manages to reveal the capacity of everyone to become religious (as you will discover he does not mean this in a good way!)

I also downloaded Keller's Q&A's which cover just about everything you have every wondered about, so listen to them on shuffle on your ipod and be blessed (or better still give them to a friend with questions).

Still waiting to listen to Seth Godin on Linchpin.

Happy listening.

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