Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I have just returned from a couple of days in Norfolk. I'm feeling refreshed and full of sea air.

I was chatting with a friend and he said 'The difference between Labour and the Conservatives is that one is trading on hope and the other on fear' Apparently, my friend could be George Osborne as this post says exactly that.

Make the Cross Count is worth checking out as the election hots up.

Kester has some thoughts and The Church Mouse offers a general election survival guide.

I was interested to see how Barak Obama keeps in touch by reading letters.

Michael Spencer has sadly died. He was a great blogger who challenged many with his thoughtful and brilliant musings. This post offers a selection of his writing- do read some of them. Also, look out for his book called Mere Churchianity.

I have discovered a new site called Head Heart Hand

Ben Arment who writes a blog I enjoy has a new book out called Church in the Making and is launching SoChurch.

Tim Challies 10 Million words is also a site worth checking out from time to time if you are a book person.

I have been thinking for quite some time about John Frame's Triperspectivalism- I know I need to get out more. Jesus was Prophet, Priest and King- see which most fits you. Justin Taylor today also has a post on it so it must be the thought of the moment.

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