Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Ten things for a Tuesday

1. The Missing Generation : 18-30's

2. Today parliament is debating faith and community and I'm attending the Cinnamon Network meeting.

3. Three answers to the question "How do I become a better leader?" 

4. I am preaching on the rich young ruler this weekend. Seth Godin has also been thinking about money.

5. Now this a day the preacher truly lost it and then I read The Church is not a democracy :)

6. Channel 4 to broadcast Islamic call to prayer during Ramadan

7. Christians are not called to have amazing sex

8. I married the wrong person (via Challies)

9. What if prayer lists were work lists (via Preachersmith)

10. This talk reminded me that if you haven't got Ephesians 6 you're flying blind. 

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