Thursday, July 25, 2013

Talk gets old after a while

I say over and over and over again 'You're the church' to the saints of HT Barnes.

We are starting to think about what it means to be a church family on mission and this film is helpful among lots of other material in our thinking about what our community groups might look like. Well worth a watch if you want to see what groups 'on a mission' may look like. Jeff's tears in the film deeply deeply moved me.

The quotes I loved were ...."talk gets old after a while"

..."A Church planter needs to ask God to give them a bigger heart because it's not about them or their church or their success it's about the glory of God..."

I enjoyed Jo Saxton's thoughts on 'people of peace' too which is worth a watch. Jo's an inspiring woman.

I've also re-watched 2158. Who doesn't want to be involved in a day like this at some point in a lifetime? Come Holy Spirit.

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