Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten things for a Monday

1. The Archbishop's first address to Synod. Demonstrates what a political machine the C of E is but it's interesting to note the talk of 'revolution'.

2. I always enjoy 'Summer reading' in the Spectator.

3. Logos 5 holds enough info to keep you going until Jesus returns.

4. Some wisdom on how to respond to same-sex marriage rulings and you might want to get hold of 'Is God anti-gay?'

5. The most important word in leadership development

6. When did your PCC (or similar) last consider these two questions.

7. You might like to work through 'The history of Christianity in 25 objects' and I hope you find these as fascinating and informative as I am.

8. "A lot of our heroes in the church are single people" is the line that hit me from this short interview with Shane Claiborne on Fundamentalism.

9. Love the idea of Kickstarter.

10. If you click on one of these ten make it this testimony. It made me cry. I never tire of hearing people's stories of encountering Jesus.

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