Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Letter to the wife of a missionary couple in Uganda who is feeling overwhelmed:

'In all this I take the greatest comfort in simply surrendering to the will of Christ. You need most desperately a centrepiece, an anchor in the storm of feelings and onward turmoil. That is the will of Christ. How did you get there in Uganda? Through the will of The Lord. How will you do your work?  Through discerning the will of Christ. How will you learn to say no when you need to? Through trusting in the will of Christ. Get it deep into your mind that your only master is Christ, and that He has power to show you what to do in situations that are overwhelming or boring or draining.

But what in broad terms is the will of Christ? It is to be gentle and lowly in heart. It is to cast your burdens and anxieties on Him, and to find rest for your souls as you labour to make Christ known. In this resting in Christ comes wisdom. Practical wisdom'

Heart of a servant leader, Page 115

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