Monday, July 08, 2013

Ten things for a Monday

1. Gary offers his excellent Synod reports here and here is news of a New version of Great Commission.

2. The Gospel according to me (N Y Times Opinion Page)

3. 3 Common Traits of Youth who don't leave the Church

4. How to know when a church event has run too long and needs canning

5. Four church planting shifts

6. A briefing film on Climate Change

7. A man called John who I chatted to on the tube gave me this book as he got off.

8. Carson on 'What is expository preaching?'

9. 10 things every Christian should know about Islam

10. How do you prove a miracle?

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Norman Ramsden said...

Particularly liked the post about "Three common traits of young people who don't leave the church."

I am reading a biography of Spurgeon at the moment. Apparently he interviewed everyone wanting to be baptized and had to be fully convinced that each candidate was born again before he would proceed. I also think they had to attend one of his classes.