Saturday, July 27, 2013

For the Pod: Which tribe are you in?

If you visit here you are probably a bit interested in matters theological. You may also note that I very often post things from different tribes in the Christian world which may confuse some of you as to my tribe.

I will give you a clue: I love Jesus

Which will be followed in your mind with a 'Yes, but......' and that probably comes from some tribal allegiance or other.

The truth is we all have one.

What's a tribe?

Well within evangelicalism there are Charismaniacs, Reformissionaries, Alphabetties, Greenbelt and no braces, Helen-ists, New y-fronts people, Redeemerites, Winos, Kessick mint cakes, Eek-thus and not forgetting Hillocksong and black majority crowd (probably bigger than all the others put together) and all the others I've not mentioned or don't know about.

This is the time of year when many visit their particular tribal gathering so I found this brilliant talk called The Four Points timely. It's thought-provoking, theologically educational and helpful (feel free to disagree).

As you head off to this or that camp or gathering let's all remember Wimber's famous adage that we  'keep the main thing the main thing'.

I'm going to try to.

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