Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ten bits and bobs for Easter

1. Love this clip

2. I've read Living the resurrection this week and The Long silence in preparation for Sunday.

3. Listened to The Spirit-filled Life in the car yesterday.

4. How to preach on Easter offers a few tips and some classic sermons.

5. I've decided to preach on Acts 10:34-43 on Easter morning.

6. "Everyone thinks forgiveness is a good idea until they have something to forgive" wrote C S Lewis in Mere Christianity.

7. A Vicar pal has been reading 1 Samuel and concluded that it can't be said David 'had a plan'. At one point he ends up completely on the wrong side. Fortunately God did.

8. I am re-reading 'In a pit with a lion on a snowy day', particularly the chapter on fear.

9. Some pals who are helping me with the plant to Barnes have just gone off as a family with Mission Direct.

10. The Moravians prayed non-stop for a hundred years and I'm wondering if we as a church can manage one night :)

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