Saturday, April 14, 2012


1. The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Trust have made the momentous decision to give their content away free. If you don't know who MLJ's is then do watch the film and download a few sermons. Listening to hundred's of these made Keller the preacher he is and reading his two-volume life story has marked my own life and understanding of grace profoundly.

2. Laughed a lot watching this.

3. Ten ways to up your joy-o-meter.

4. I went to see Battleships. Surprisingly rather good- take the kids or your wife/friends if you can convince her/them.

5. A church gives away a car. I'm afraid I'm not joking.

6. God loves you too much to give you what you want.

7. Cranmer on the gay bus hoo-hah. My 'get over it' statement is my love of country music (granted not a stand likely to cause a church schism :) and I have been listening to The Band Perry and The Civil Wars.

8. Will you be my Facebook friend?

9. Gilead

10. If you don't mind being shouted at this sermon is rather good. Interesting not least because of his amazing battle with cancer. Won't be everyone's cup of java but I like the man's fire.

One for luck. What do you make of David Platt's thoughts on the Sinners Prayer? He is a man saturated in  Scripture, author of NYT bestseller Radical and has a burden for both disciple-making and the poor so it's worth a wee ponder.

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