Monday, April 23, 2012

The Golden Fish

1. I went to an all-night prayer meeting that a Vicar pal invited me to and 45k turned up. Yes I did type that number right. Humbling and truly amazing.

2. I am happy to let you know there is now a Redeemer App and when you open it it says 'Grace changes everything'. Love that. Loads of sermons and stuff to read and explore. You can also now get 1000 Keller sermons on Logos here- for a tidy sum (h/t Dash House).

3. A friend is reading Bonnhoeffer by Eric Metaxas that I recommended to him and he tells me he can't put it down (he would say of himself 'I'm not much of a reader' but this book is proving him wrong- take it on your summer holiday).

4. You should watch Eric Metaxas conversion story involving a dream about a fish.

5. I read this definition of evangelism this morning: 'Evangelism is loving Jesus in public'

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