Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being a missionary

1. I've been enjoying the Voice and am thinking of relaunching myself in Barnes as Rev Dav.i.d.

2. If you are a Christian in these days we are missionaries but most of us just haven't realised it or been trained up.

3. David Platt's talk called 'The fuel of death defying missions' on mission to the nations is deeply, deeply challenging. I am not sure most us C of E Vicars and the folks gathering in our churches have mission to the nations (ethne/peoples) enough on our radars but you will I assure you once you've listened to this.

4. I've been reading the Missionary Movement in Christian History.

5. I think I should get around to reading Let the nations be glad 

6. I spent the day writing, planning and praying and had to shelter under a tree in the rain storm (I like to walk and pray). A wonderful opportunity to be a missionary as another delightful person sheltered under it with me. I recommended the Reason for God. and invited them to church.

7. Please pray for Sarah Casson who is translating the Bible into Congolese languages in Bunia.

8. Pray for the staff and students of All nations and maybe even consider might you perhaps have a missionary call? It starts with something that goes a bit like 'Here am I send me...'. Not many of the Saints that now inspire us bought a two-up two-down in Chobham and saved for a pension in order to go cruising around the med in their old age (no offence meant if you do actually live in Chobham and like cruises). If you want to know what you might be in for as an alternative read C T Studd: Missionary and pioneer. He was nuts but brilliant.

9. When you have finished the first Andrew Walls book read this one.

10. Read Psalm 67

11. Possibly the most famous missionary sentence are the words of Jim Eliot who died in his endeavour:

'He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.'

12. Check out the Joshua Project

13. Finally do watch this.


Liz said...

Haha... loving the Rev Dav.i.d idea!

David Cooke said...

I think it might be a winner :)

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