Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The two most important questions you will answer

Bill Hybels life was changed forever by two questions.

My hope is this blog post might '....mess up your life...' to use his words and do so totally and utterly for the glory of God.

Recently, he was given three minutes and thirty seconds at HTB  and he summed-up the whole content of 'The purpose-graced life'. By the way, many in our church are finding reading it deeply challenging and encouraging in equal measure.

Your life depends (in a John 15 fruit sense) in some ways on how you answer these two questions that were given to Hybels by his mentor so do listen to this.

Now I have passed them on to you.

Listen again, write them down, get alone with God, pray and surrender your life to his good and perfect will. It's good and perfect.

"It's not about you." says Rick Warren's first line.

That's for sure.

Understanding that changes everything.

For me, the penny dropped on exactly these two things reading the book of Romans by a river in Patagonia nine years ago and my life has never been quite the same since.

I hope yours won't either.

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