Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reverse Missionaries

Reverse Missionaries inspired my heart and moved me to tears and it will I'm sure ignite the evangelistic fires within you. Franklin Small had some wonderful lessons for me about reaching outwards with the gospel and is a simply splendid and encouraging brother. I'm humbled.

Perhaps he'd like to be Archbishop of Canterbury?

My mistake- he's a Baptist :)


Anonymous said...

I live quite close to where Franklin Small was evangelizing and I feel so mean that I wasn't aware of it. George Whitefield preached on the common not far from Kings Stanley and I missed that too. But Here was a presence for us, a man whose language and response pointed to Jesus and gave us hope. My only problem was the programme was the whole TV thing set him up to fail...just a few weeks to minister to a whole village. As witness it was great, as evangelism, not real.

Joe Daniels said...

I thought last night's episode of REverse Missionaries, featuring John Chilimtsidya, was wonderful. And its juxtaposition with Sports Relief showed two very different views of Africa: the one resurgent and standing on its own two feet, the other shackled by imperialist Western charity.