Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deep Church

I have been dipping into a couple of series on the BBC you may find interesting- Catholics and Empire

"But it takes both sustained effort and a determined imagination to understand and embrace church in its entirety. Casual and superficial experience with church often leaves us with the impression of bloody fights, acrimonious arguments and warring factions. These are more than regrettable; they are scandalous. But they don't define church. There are deep continuities that sustain church at all times and everywhere (ubique at ab omnibus, as the Latin tag has it) as primarily and fundamentally God's work, however Christians and others may desecrate and abuse it. C S Lewis introduced the term 'deep church' to convey the ocean fathoms of tradition that are continuously re-experienced 'at all times everywhere'. I like that: deep church."

Eugene Peterson, Practice resurrection, Page 12

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