Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Some important questions being asked of the Same-sex marriage proposal

Under GNM what is the definition of consummation? It either needs to be defined in a manner that works for all three combinations of spouses (male-male, female-female and male-female) since if we define it in three separate ways we no longer have a gender-neutral institution. Can this redefinition be done?

Kony 2012

Social media campaigns tend to be dependent on one thing more than any other: speed. Do not think about it, just do it! Don’t get the facts, don’t wait a few days to consider it, don’t ask someone who knows more—just click Tweet or Share or Post or whatever else it is that will spread the word. We’re all in this together, we need your vote, we need it now! Go! Go! Go!

Entertainment addiction

John Piper is correct that our entertainment-dominated culture ought to be a source of concern for Christians; we should not blindly accept the Market’s teaching on the Goodness of endless consumption of goods and entertainment. Yet, if we are going to lovingly and God-honoringly begin this process of culling our media choices, we must start with the more basic questions: what is “entertainment”, when is it edifying, when is the time for play, and when is the time for seriousness? If we do not begin by answering these questions and those like them, we run a very real risk of uncritically rejecting or embracing our culture, the one overseen by God and crafted by our neighbor.

Seth Godin's 2012 reading list (H/T Ben Arment)

This is part of my regular series of books worth a read. There's a bumper crop coming along (as the book business struggles), and I picked a few I thought would resonate with you.

What does God think of our sung worship?

If we bring God our songs, music and meetings, these may be great things. But unless they are accompanied by a lifestyle of justice and mercy, they don’t bless his heart much. My friend’s card, singing, dancing and general kindess didn’t really touch me much as I desperately needed those antibiotics. She thought she’d made me happy and provided what I needed.

(H/T Tim Challies)

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