Saturday, March 03, 2012

One at a time

I have been on a break.

Just been musing on a sermon for tomorrow I wrote ten days ago.

On holiday I re-read the essays in Indelible ink slowly and joyfully. If you read books, are following Jesus , are a recommender (as I am) and want a few pointers on what to read in the future this is a good book to have on the shelf. It is amazing that something that you have read before can speak so powerfully for a second time and in a very different way. One of the essays I read was by Edith Schaeffer and it tells the remarkable story of L'Abri which started its journey in a little place called Champery. I had dinner there on Wednesday.

Played Monopoly deal a lot. How good is this game? Lost many times and won once.

Listened to Lana del Rey all week which was gloomy but rather good.

I'm excited that Martin Smith has written some more music. He really wants us to dance.

A few people have really encouraged me about the blog recently.

A Dutch friend who I saw yesterday spent her holiday listening with her and her sisters family to some talks I had apparently recommended this time last year. They were all very greatly encouraged as they listened to one a night and the encouragement blessed and surprised me.

A friend told me recently I was 'creative' which also surprised me somewhat. I've been wondering about creativity since with the help of Ira Glass.

Finally, Ed Dobson author of a Year of Living like Jesus has come to the conclusion that disciples are made one at a time.

Discipleship one at a time. Now there's an idea....

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