Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday blogsweep

1. Know the story: This moved me and it's an Irish child telling the story of St Patrick

2. Some advice for entrepreneurs: Leading anything is too hard if you don't have passion

3. Read the Bible, Know the Bible and Use the Bible

4. The Question

Mike said something to me a few years ago that I thought was really quite profound, but I forgot it. (Clearly an indication of how profound it was for me at the time!) Then, last month, I was talking to a friend very similar to me and he had gotten the same advice from him and I wanted to make sure to capture it.

This was it:
Your job isn’t to be a mastermind. You’re job is to lead people.

5. The Churchmouse says Farewell Rowan

Some on the warring wings of the church have been quick to express their gladness at his resignation, or at least express the sentiment that his time as Archbishop has been a failure. Shame on them. Liberals felt let down that he didn't stand up for the views he expressed prior to his appointment. Conservatives felt that he allowed the church to drift in a liberal direction, further from their view of sound Biblical teaching. Both should now simply thank him for his undoubted humble service and total commitment during an utterly bruising ten years, and offering their prayers for the future. Mouse would also suggest a few of them could search their own consciences for their culpability in making Rowan's tenure so hard.

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