Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The last enemy

I awoke early this morning.

Wednesday is the day I pray the Psalms with a few folk.

One thought for the day.

You're going to die.

So am I.

Sorry. I don't mean to start your day on a downer but it's true.

I am someone who does funerals for a living- not all the time- but I do bury people quite often.

A couple of days ago I asked someone what the purpose of life was.

The person replied by saying they couldn't care less and had no idea.

Few are prepared for dying.

Few begin with the end in mind.

Few lead lives that are fruitful for the kingdom.

Perhaps that's because most of us have failed to reflect on the reality of dying.

If you want to read a book about death this might be the one.

'Life is too short to read bland books or watch movie sequels. There isn't enough time for gossip, grudges, or plotting revenge. You don't have years to waste on what someone else thinks you should be or do. When you take death to heart, you'll tuck your children in every night, make some meals from scratch to share with friends, and go barefoot every chance you can. You'll take hungry bites from the peach of life, and when the juice runs down your chin and all the way to your elbows, you'll wipe it with your shirt.'

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Anonymous said...

Alternative view: only 92% of people die.

(About 8% of all people who ever lived are alive today)