Monday, December 19, 2011

Ten things as a starter kit for 2012

A while back I wrote 30 things for a soul MOT.

Now is the time to start preparing our heart and minds for the things that may lie ahead in 2012. Here is a starter kit that might bless you.

1. Listen to 'Your plans God's plans'

2. Watch this

3. Plan to start using a journalling bible

4. Read 'Why work?' over Christmas.

5. Load these podcasts and sermons that have blessed me in 2011 onto your phone/pod for 2012: a. Keller on most things 2. Pete Grieg on praying 3. Jonathan Martin on church and life 4. Steve Furtick on the lost 5. Platt on discipleship 6. Groeschl on innovation and evangelism 7. Driscoll on Proverbs 7. MacDonald for teaching 8. Rich Nathan on growing and culture 9. John Peters on the Spirit 10. Ponsonby and Piper on Romans

6. Get hold of 'For the love God' and start using it on January 1st

7. Read 'How does the disciple live'

8. Plan a morning of solitude, Scripture and silence having listened to Running with the witnesses.

9. Listen to this while you peel your Christmas potatoes and stuff the turkey.

10. Read 'Three Questions on productivity' and 'Productivity is really about Good Works'. If you are one of those "This is the year to get organised"people then read 'Getting things done' and these posts on how to do it. If you are content to remain a bit higgledypiggledee (how do you spell that?) then just ignore Point 10.

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David Keen said...

thankyou, some great links

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