Saturday, December 10, 2011

For the pod: A sermon tattoo

David Platt and his book Radical and his Secret Church have impacted me this year. I love his passion for disciple-making, community, mission and radically loving the poor and those in need. It's a great cocktail. He is however pretty full-on as you might expect of someone who calls his book 'Radical' and he would never be described as wooly.

He is anti-consumerism (in churches and of stuff) and is v good pals with Francis Chan and shares his Crazy Love outlook (incidentally Chan is speaking at New Wine this year which should put a rocket up us). Having spent yesterday in the Westfield Centre I confess I am with them on the consumerism.

He is very single-minded about disciple-making and this talk lays out the Vision God has given his church.

Some talks you listen to have an illustration that stays with you and this one has one that will be with me for quite a while. Here's my question to you? Have you ever felt the urge to tattoo something you heard in a sermon on your body? No, I didn't think so. It's what you might call having a lasting impact as a preacher. This talk is worth listening to just for that story but it is also very good teaching and full of passion.

Enjoy being very challenged.

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