Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where does wisdom come from?

‘We are face to face here with one of the most vital subjects in connection with our Christian life. Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his highest when, upon his knees, he comes face to face with God....It is the highest activity of the human soul and therefore it is at the same time a true test of a man’s spiritual condition'

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 
The Sermon on the Mount, Page 361

I have written quite a bit about Proverbs over the years. If you were looking for a book of the Bible to immerse yourself in during 2012 you could do worse than choose its wisdom. 'Your plan God's plan' proved a popular talk so did 'The Heart' which a friend listened to yesterday. Also, it's good to ask at this time of year as one buzzes about with credit cards and your lists a simple question, "How's my prayer life and my time in the Scriptures?" and ask of your church, "Are we/ have we been/ are we intending to be devoted to praying and what does that look like?" (Col 4:2).

Here are a few more recommendations for some 2012 wisdom preparation and a year end heart prayer and soul repair:

The Two Great Tests: In a season where you may very well be overwhelmed by the godless idolatry this talk will give your heart peace and perspective.

The Healing of Anger: If we are at all in danger of emotions spilling over it is at this time of year. Regrets and pain so easily surface in tandem with sherry, fairy lights and mince pies. This is worth a listen.

Planning: If you are in a mode to get better prepared and sorted for the year ahead you would do well to listen to this. It offers tons of practical wisdom on how to get all your ducks better in a row.

Friendship: Here is some wisdom on friends. As you scan your address book and wonder who to send a card to (if you send them at all) this might help you reflect on a God's eye view of friendship.

The Wounded Spirit: Sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that all is not well. We are all to a greater or lesser degree a bit wounded. Sin does that whether we planned on it or not. Facing our issues, habits or past is hard but much better it is faced than denied for another year.

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