Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Way

One day I am blogging about an 18C Puritan Calvinist, the next I am bigging up a film about Catholic/Spiritual/ Life pilgrimage. I am either confused or interesting you'll just have to decide. Anyway, last night I gathered with some friends to eat and watch the film 'The Way'. I found it to be a truly wonderful and moving experience that brought tears to my eyes. A tale of broken-ness, loss, friendship, community, simplicity, life, death and faith. If you can't think of anything for your Christmas list do put this on it. Interestingly, I am also reading a book given to me by a Catholic friend called 'Letters from the desert' that seems rather providential timing. He often despairs at my Protestant ways :) Much to reflect on currently. Oh and I've been reading the BCP 'Ordering of Priests' to get the job spec for my CV.....

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