Friday, December 09, 2011

Pray-as -you-go

Two of the Men on Mountains did an Ignatian silent retreat as part of Sabbaticals from Vicaring. One was more temperamentally suited to it that the other and I'm not sure I wouldn't go completely insane being silent for 30 days:)

Today I introduce you to the Jesuits (God's marines).

Tons of people struggle with the idea or discipline of 'a quiet time' don't they? Maybe you are one of them.

'Pray as you go' is a potentially fresh way you can pray, listen to Scripture read and very simply prepare your heart and mind for each day.

It very simply sets the lectionary reading into a format for prayer, music and reflection that you can then pop on your ipod. If you are someone who might want to grab 15 minutes with God and perhaps you have struggled to find a workable way to do that.

Maybe you are a mum with young kids but you might be able find ten minutes or you have a commute on a train or bus that you could redeem or you might just want a new fresh means of spending time with God.

You can walk across a park doing this, or sit on a bench or take 10 in a pub or a coffee shop or listen in the car. It might just be something you have on the pod to do every now and again. Anyway, I hope it may be a blessing to some so why not give it a go and see how you get on.

Available as a podcast on iTunes. 

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