Sunday, December 18, 2011

What does it look like to repent and believe?

Telling others is quite a passion in our church at the moment (and I hope always will be). A courageous lad convinced his RS teacher at school to let him speak about his Christian faith and then allow his class to ask any questions they wanted. The whole lesson was allocated to this. I don't know about you but I was doing lots of things when I was 14 and I have to say apologetics wasn't one of them. He showed this great testimony to his classmates. I also suggested this resource of Keller answering questions as part of his preparations.

Our Carol Service today @ 6.30pm here. All welcome.


Anna-Marie Brunskill said...

Fantastic to hear things like this. I'm teaching at a school in Jerusalem that is Anglican in name but multi-faith in reality, so decided when doing an assembly on Christmas that there was no point shilly-shallying around the subject and did the most explicitly Christian assembly of my entire teaching career. It felt really good! Very encouraged by your blog, as always.

Ashley said...

Incredible! Your blog always blesses me. Thank you!

Steve Martin said...


Thanks for sharing it!

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