Saturday, July 10, 2010

Six bits of mountain chat

One of the great things is being able to chat and share some learnings from our years as we huff and puff up the mountain. Each of us who gather each year are different and so this makes for lively jousts over news, views and theology. There are always a few nuggets worth sharing.

1. Communication: If you are in the business of communicating then you might like to check out 'the art of communication' in The marriage book. One of our number presented it to a group of doctors (by showing them a segment of the DVD) and they found it to be incredibly helpful. You may too. Are you a fixer, a tangent taker, an advice-giver, a re-assurer or a problem-solver?

2. Reformation: One friend said this that I will just leave you to ponder "If Luther had read Philemon the reformation might never have happened." It might, as it did for me, prompt you at least to read this rich letter.

3. Suffering: Another mountain friend runs Release International (check out the website) and he told a story of some Chinese pastors who met with some American Pastors. The question the Chinese pastors asked the Americans was this, "What were your wounds for Christ this week?" It's quite a question isn't it?

4. Leadership: Walter Wright in this excellent book says there are only two things a leader HAS to do. 1. Set the vision 2. Say thank you.

5. Interview Question: "Are you passionate about the things we are passionate about?"

6. Sabbath: "Don't call it a day off- call it 'Rest'"

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