Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prayer does matter

I was blessed by listening to 'A Father who is able' and have been thinking quite a bit about prayer. We are preaching through Acts and prayer seems to underpin so much of what happens. On Sunday, I quoted a story my pal tells here of a booklet he was given by his father that describes the Welsh revival. This is the Welsh pastors account from his journal:

For fully six months we continued in prayer every night, and the effect of that blessed time is evident even now when the wave of another revival has almost submerged everything. The after effects upon God’s people were very great. Speaking for myself, my own heart and life were searched as never before. Was I fully surrendered to the Lord? Where was the power that should be in my ministry? Was I fully assured of salvation? Had I received the Holy Ghost? The outcome of it all was that I yielded wholly to God, casting away all known sin and making God’s glory the one aim of my life and ministry. What an experience followed! What joy!”

Prayer is so important and as it happens this recent post,  Terry Virgo on Prayer , has some great wisdom to impart. Also, do download his wonderful talk on Elijah which is worth taking some time to listen to.

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