Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leaders are readers

A pal rang me to say he had been deeply challenged listening to this on the qualifications for being a pastor. At one point, it is strongly advocated that leaders need to be people who read constantly- and read deeply. Catherine Bramwell-Booth would I think agree:

"Reading: You have not much opportunity for receiving help from meetings. As an FO you are always giving and seldom getting, but I would say, make the very most of the chances you do have. Go to the officers meetings with your heart prepared, for we often miss what God has made ready because the vessel is not open to receive.

Now, wise reading will do much to make up for this lack. Read the bible, of course. Take it in more than a mouthful at a time, and not only when you want it just to give out again.  Read it, seeking for the personal application of what you read. Have always one helpful book at hand, or if possible, two; so that if you do not feel inclined for one, you can read the other.

It is amazing how much you can read in a little time. I learned while I was in the field to read snatches, and I have been thankful ever since. You are a captain, so can make your own plans. Why not decide to read a one meal in the day? Let each have a book. You get plenty of occasions to talk, and would not I think, miss to opportunity for conversation.

When visiting means a long walk in the country, have a book with you, and talk it in turns to read aloud. This should be a book kept to read together on such occasions. You will also find that a chapter the last thing at night helps drive our the petty worries of the day, besides sending you to sleep with a helpful thought in mind.

I would never say read fiction, except when on furlough, and then choose wisely. There is so much that is helpful and soul-nourishing, and heart-inspiring in the experiences, thoughts, and doings of real men and women, that the Salvation Army officer is the last person in the midst of his work should live in an imaginary world"

Letters, P 16

I think she would have a Kindle app on her iPhone? I might take issue on the question of novels, even though personally I tend to read mostly non-fiction. I liked this quote about novels.

I have this on my kindle which I am enjoying.

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