Saturday, July 03, 2010

A few holiday reads

Well, I am back from the sun but only fleetingly as I am off on retreat with Men on Mountains next week.

I did read a few things while I was away.

The Journals of John Fowles Volume 2: I have posted about this before when I read Vol 1 but Fowles is the most extraordinary character. These are his journals kept over 40 years and in them he is candid, funny, critical, self-obessed, selfish, judgemental and at times breath-takingly arrogant. As someone who jots with regularity in a moleskine these are nonetheless an example of ruthless honesty and brilliance in the art of writing. You cannot help but get drawn into Fowles's world- the second volume is rather full of health problems, worry and stress about his garden but I much enjoyed them. Worth popping both in the holiday bag and you'll make a new roguish friend.

Crazy Love: I took all sort of other books with me but ended up reading my friends copy of Crazy Love. I recently heard Chan speak at HTB and his book is no less challenging. I have a few sermons that are imprinted on me and my old Vicar's sermon on Rev 3 is one of them together with Keller on the same passage. This book is a very very challenging read and the chapter on being 'Lukewarm' is enough to bring anyone who professes to love Jesus to a standstill and then to their knees. The last chapter full of biographies was deeply moving. Read this at your peril-you have been warned.

A resilient life: I love reading McDonald and revisit and return to this often. What makes this read unique is that it is the first book I have read from cover to cover on my Kindle iphone app. It may be rash to say but I may be converting to the virtual book. My only dilemma is you don't have something physical to share at the end so you can't pass it forward but my Kindle purchases will be on the up I suspect.

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