Saturday, July 03, 2010


My holiday challenge laid down by Eugene Peterson was to memorise Ephesians 1:3-14. I laid aside my normal McCheyne bible reading routine and thought it would be easy. I found it really really hard-try it on your summer break. Anyway, while I was battling with my addled brain a few posts happened.

Do you ever send an email? The COO of Facebook says this may become a thing of the past as part of the social revolution which Bill has posted. 

Someone's favourite book in May suggests we could all do better at communicating particularly in my line of work.

My friend laughed out loud reading John O'Farrell on the educational arms race in West London called May contain nuts

The big international news story was Obama and his General and Michael Hyatt has some learnings for us.

Ten questions for a spiritual conversation (H/T Challies) from Don Witney and it reminded me of this great talk on Edwards and the disciplines by him that I listened to a while back.

I have just bought the Gift on the Kindle as people keep referring to it. It is about creativity and this  music video is a terrific example of good creativity. Scott Hodge has some thoughts asking if you are Most or some?

Piper on productivity

I've added a link to the Nines to the sidebar which has plenty to check out if you have nine minutes to spare.

A Guardian article about the new book Pornland

A free audiobook of A W Tozer which is worth having.

35 things about Moshie Rosen and a good post about Brian Mclaren who I hear is sadly poorly.

The final word goes to C S Lewis on the difference between friends and lovers.

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