Sunday, June 06, 2010

Who is the best preacher in the church of England?

The truth is I have absolutely no idea.

Some years ago I listened to Tim Keller say that he primarily listens to British preachers which surprised his audience. For years he listened to a Dick Lucas sermon every morning on his run. It got me thinking of others who he might like to listen to. I would certainly recommend my friend who has blessed me much and I would also recommend David White who has just taken over as Vicar of St Andrew's Chorleywood.

So often preachers divide into two camps. Men of the Word and Men of the Spirit. If you have just the word the tendency is dryness (all cheese no pickle.) If it's all Spirit then it tends towards being all mustard no beef. You need both (Rowan as it happens agrees with me).

The Beauty of a sacrificed life will I pray lead you to hunger for God's word.

Inextinguishable and unbeatable will I pray lead you to pray for the overflowing of the Spirit.

Both these men preach with both barrels and Keller may like to pop them on his iPod-do tell him if you see him.

Feel free to recommend any preachers who you think I should have on mine.

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Gary Jenkins said...

I am not convinced about the idea that preachers divide into two camps: men of the Word and men of the Spirit. Leaving aside the no doubt unintended sexist overtones of this proposed dichotmy I wonder whether it would be possible for a preacher of the Word, not also to be a preacher of the Spirit (and vice versa).

How could 'a man of the word' preach a message from the word that was not also of the Spirit since the Spirit inspired the word - and how could a 'man of the Spirit' preach something of the Spirit that was not also of the Word, since the truly Spirit-inspired preacher is a preacher of the word, and not his own thoughts.

Word and Spirit are vital but is it really possible, even theoretically, to have one without the other?

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