Friday, June 04, 2010

Reading on the go

Leaders are readers is an often touted truth and as with most touted truths there may be something in it. I was chatting with a leader recently who is says he's reading more because of his iPhone and he's recently downloaded some kindle books (ebooks available from Amazon) using the kindle app. What were his criteria for choosing what to read? According to him, books with short self-contained chapters make for the best on-the-go reading.

So here are five I thought of to get you started:

1. Axioms: This was the choice of my friend for his first kindle book. In it Bill Hybels offers his 75 pithy leadership mantras. You can read one chapter in the time it takes for the 33 bus to get to Hammersmith and then you can share it with the bus-driver to help him reach his leadership potential. Bill has some good things to share that are well-worth knowing.

2. A Resilient life: This is Gordon MacDonalds amazing reflection on what makes for a fruitful life. He has learnt so much from his famously imperfect life as a pastor and there are some real wisdom treasures to be discovered here.

3. Run with the horses: Have you read Jeremiah? No I thought not but one way to do it is in the company of Eugene Peterson in this wonderful book. I was much blessed reading it.

4. Listening to your life: Frederick Buechner is a writer of profound beauty and insight. I spent a season of my life reading his books and this is a good way to taste his wonders.

5. A Purpose-Driven Life: I spent a happy 40 days some years ago in the book that is now the world's best seller. It seems to be ideal for our short chapter criteria and there are some wonderful insights to be discovered if you take the journey.

Feel free to recommend your kindle iphone choices

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Mark said...

Can't believe there's a book called run with horses! That is the most profound verse in my life, Jeremiah 12:5. I'm going to search out this book and read it.

Well done Cookie. Thank you.

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