Saturday, June 05, 2010


Today a friend has decided to read a book I recommended which is always a blessing. A life that never reads C S Lewis, Eugene Peterson, MLJ, Jonathan Edwards and Gordon MacDonald would in my view be the poorer. These are a few of my people. My friend who I have been staying with tells me of one of his new people is Larry Crabb. He has become a Larry Crabb bore in the time since I last saw him (in a good way!) and is reading all his books.

Why bother reading such people and their writings? Well, they help you think. Love God with all your heart of course (the dear old C of E needs to do this more) but also a mark of our love for Jesus is to love him with our 'minds'. We must think things through, grapple with them, work them out for our selves. There are a few giants who have done this for us which is a help to someone as dim as me. Reading them is one way we can 'Think' clearer and love more.

This conference seems to have grasped this and it's film makes the point well.

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