Friday, June 18, 2010

Anyone heard of Green Day?

Here is my challenge which you'd think would be an easy one.

I was supposed to be taking my nephews to see their favourite band Green Day but they have stood me up in favour of their sports day. Egg and spoon beats American punk rock at Wembley Stadium. Kids eh. In truth, American Idiot was their favourite album last year-now they have moved on to JLS. Something of a genre shift you might think but eight months is a long time in a small lads life.

Now, you'd imagine I would be able to offload my 4 tickets but I currently can't give them away. Nobody has heard of Green Day let alone wanting to buy my tickets off me. How can you not have Dookie in your CD collection? Someone out there must have heard of Green Day other than me because they are playing an 80k seat stadium? I have even tried to give them away on facebook and can't shift them.

Basket Case and the Time of your Life. Ringing any bells at all?

Oh well, I might have to go on my own.

Talking of music our worship pastor has a guitar habit and just loves getting new guitars. His last one was an 1890 beauty. However, he is still resisting my request for banjo led worship. I think this will convince him to extend his stringed instrument collection a little further. Once he's watched this how will he resist?

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Clout said...

I listened to Green Day's two songs and still don't know who they are!!
Now "Queen Adreena" - that's a proper band! I sat next to the drummer at school when I was 12. His mum told him he had to sit next to me, to stop him getting into trouble all the time. Looks like it didn't work!

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