Friday, August 22, 2014

We can't mess it up

‘In the end, the Christian concept of God’s sovereignty is a marvelous, practical principle. No one can claim to know exactly how both these truths fit together. And yet even in our own ordinary experience, we know something of how to direct people along a path without violating their free will. Good leaders do this in part-why would the infinite God not be able to do it perfectly? The sovereignty of God is mysterious but not contradictory. It means that we have great incentive to use our wisdom and our will to the best effect, knowing God holds us to it and knowing we will suffer consequences from foolishness and wickedness. On the other hand, there is an absolute promise that we cannot ultimately mess our lives up. Even our failures and troubles will be used for God’s glory and our benefit. I don’t know a more comfortable assurance than that. “God performs all things for me!” cries the psalmist (Ps 57:2)’

Keller, Walking with God through pain and suffering, Page 143

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