Monday, August 11, 2014

A good company

'There may be religions that come to you through quiet walks in the woods, or by sitting quietly in the library with a book, or rummaging around in the recesses of your psyche. Christianity is not one of them. Christianity is inherently communal, a matter of life in the Body.....Jesus did not call isolated individuals to follow him. He called a group of disciples. He gathered a crowd.....Privacy is not a Christian category. We are saved from our privacy by being made part of a people who can tell us what we should do with our money, with our genitals, with our lives. We have been made part of a good company, a wonderful adventure, so that we no longer need "mine"

William Wiillimon and Stanley Haurewas, 'Lord teach us'

Quoted in 'Proof: Finding freedom through the intoxicating joy of irrestible grace', p 101

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