Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some random Sunday thoughts

1. I spotted a jar of Sandwich spread the other day and bought it. It's reawakened the taste of my childhood

2. Tim Keller now has all his resources on one site called 'The Gospel in Life'

3. A man who planted a church encourages everyone who is new to read this book. Just started reading it and it looks pretty good and helpful on getting set on the road of discipleship. 

4.  I am loving Bake Off. If Norman keeps it simple he may not last (but we do love Norman!)

5. Talking of simple- Bill Hybels new book is called Simplify

6.  I've been tapping my toe to Mess like me (Mrs C really like this)

7. We have been dwelling in Jer 5:22 in the Contemporary English Version:

'I'm the one who made the shore to hold back the ocean. Waves may crash on the beach, but they can come no further'

8. Barnardo O Higgins ended up in my sermon. It makes me chuckle that the first leader of Chile was actually an Irishman.

9. I have to confess to readers that my penchant for country has led me to 'Nashville'. From it, Black Roses is a stunningly beautiful song.

10. If you had £2m quid you too could have a pool like this.

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