Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Denial of power

'Work among believers of itself will not suffice. It matters not how spiritual a church may profess to be, if souls are not saved something is radically wrong, and the professed spirituality is a false experience, a delusion of the devil. People who are satisfied to meet together simply to have a good time among themselves are far away from God. Real spirituality always has an outcome. There will be a yearning and a love for souls. We have gone to places that have a name of being deep and very spiritual, and have often found that it was all in the head, the heart was unmoved, and there was, not, infrequently, hidden sin somewhere. "Having a form of godliness but no power thereof'. Oh, the pathos of it all! Let us then challenge our spirituality and ask what it produces, for nothing less than a genuine revival in the body of Christ resulting in a true awakening among the unsaved will ever satisfy the heart of God'

The Revival We Need, Oswald J Smith, p24

If you are a Christian and your still breathing - read this book. It will change your life.......

Monday, October 30, 2017

True sonship

'You are the son of a kind, strong and engaged Father, a Father wise enough to guide you in the Way, generous enough to provide for your journey. His first act of provision happened before you were even born, when he rescued you through the life, death and resurrection of our elder brother, Jesus of Nazareth.  Then he allied you to himself- perhaps is calling you even now- to come home to him through faith in Christ.  When a man gives his life to Jesus Christ, when he turns as the prodigal son turned for home and is reconciled to the Father, many remarkable things take place. At the core of them is a coming into true sonship'

The Way of the Wild Heart, John Eldredge, p.31

Friday, October 27, 2017

A new resolve

'A new resolve had entered my life. Instead of talking to him and preaching about him and evangelising about him and being a pastor for him, I wanted to know God. And now that's my heart: to know him and to know him more. Not to know more about him, but to know him more. Everything else follows as a overflow of that relationship. When the major passion of my heart changed from mission to simply knowing him, the mission activity then began to flow out of the knowing'

The Grace Outpouring: Becoming a people of blessing, Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts, Page 85

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