Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Saltless Salt

'No one will listen to our gospel if we aren't living it. We cannot influence or infect society with something that has not yet infected us. A saltless salt cannot savor and flavor. The church cannot light a fire if she is not on fire. And so, faced with a society in crisis, in wickedness, it is time for judgement, repentance, holiness to begin in the family of God (1 Peter 4:17). We need a reformation, a revival- and holiness will be at the heart of it. The church must again find and follow Jesus- not as a doctrine to be believed but as a Lord to be served and a life to be lived. Only then can we speak with integrity and expect to be heard.'

In Pursuit of the Holy, Simon Ponsonby, p.14

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Piper Book list

I enjoy a good read. At the moment, I am captivated by 'Heretics and Believers' which is brilliant but you wouldn't want to drop it on your toe....

Here is an interesting Piper post on 25 books.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

C of E 2017 Stats

As ever, I am grateful to David Keen who has done 'An analysis of 2017 C of E Stats'.  Did I mention that some time ago now I wrote a post entitled 'Why plant churches?'

Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday musing

1. My silence has been complained about and this coincides with the first sense of clear water I've had in while. Another pal say it's never a good sign when I don't blog.

2. I spent a day with Tim Keller and this sermon as I may have already said is the best I've heard on Dark Times. I preached at the weekend on marriage from Ephesians 5 and found 'The Meaning of Marriage' such a help. I also found 'God Marriage and Family' to be a deep well of wisdom and Bible. I am not sure secular Barnes was quite ready to hear about husbands who take a gospel lead in their families and when I said the word 'submission' I know everyone was listening. Kathy Keller's chapter was informative for me on that one her being a wife n'all.

3. I have been reading Parenting by Paul Tripp recommended by a pal who has a teenager who isn't that keen on church. It's a compelling (expensive) read and doesn't contain any specific advice which is both brilliant and unusual for a parenting book. Francis Chan wishes he'd read it 20 years ago.

4.  I went to a day run by a lady called Rachel Turner about parenting clergy kids ('PK's' as they are known over the pond). It was the best thing (a day's course) my wife and I have done in ages.  Rachel runs a website called 'Parenting for faith' and has written a couple of really interesting books. Her next one is about clergy kids.

5. We've been listening to Hallelujah Hear Below a bit.

6. Mrs C is reading Redeeming Love and can't put it down. 

7. Reading Eugene Peterson since he has died reminds me that when you write your voice lives on.

8. Leading a church is, at times, as hard as it looks. I heard recently of a Vicar I know who is now off with stress so it's a good corrective from time to time to attend to soul care, family, sabbath and right perspective.  I have been re-reading 'Emotionally Healthy Leadership' and am just starting 'Mosaic Leadership'. 

9. I look at every one chasing the 'new idea' rainbow and settle back down with my not very new idea that it's my job to preach Christ and him crucified.  It worked for Charles Spurgeon

10. I had an amazing afternoon on the Isle of Dogs praying with some fellow-travelers. I think we're planning to do the same thing monthly for 7 years. 

Saturday blog-sweep

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