Tuesday, March 14, 2017


1, The other day I read 'Being loved by Christ' to my wife as our son slept in the back of the car. The phrase .'..to the end' has been with me ever since.

2. In a Bible study today I was struck by Gen 18: 22..'..Abraham remained standing before the Lord'

3. I got a lovely letter from the dear lady selling her husband's book collection with my 'Life of A W Pink' delivery. On the phone, we had spoken about Martyn Lloyd-Jones and she wrote:

'I will have to look up in the attic where all Peter's books are kept and see if I have any D M Lloyd Jones. I remember many years ago listening to him preach when he came to our town and he was very good'

4. We had a wonderful gathering of a few men in our church and ate stew, shared (only Christians say that which ironically was one of our discussion points), prayed and ended with Ephesians 1:3-15 being spoken over our hearts.

5. I have been pondering the prayers of Paul.

6. Before I left to study to be a priest in the C of E all I ever described myself as was 'a Christian'. Apparently, so I was told along the way since, I am an ......rather than a........ and I'm certainly not a ......... The longer I follow Jesus I  increasingly am happy with the simple descriptor 'Christian'. It seems to me that what matters is that you are one.

7. My wonderful in-laws went to 'Hidden Figures' and said it's the best thing they have seen in ages.

8. The last story Simon tells in 'Different' is one of those treasures you'll miss out on if you don't finish the book.

9. The new birth is a miracle.

10. I am the most blessed man alive to married to my wife.

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