Thursday, March 23, 2017


'In every age God has given the church the resources and the ability to evangelise the whole world'
Leonard Ravenhill

As a very new Christian, my Vicar suggested we try a 'morning of prayer' and so I gave it a go. I can distinctly recall sitting on a park bench on a Saturday morning feeling rather shabby reading John Pollock's 'Wesley the Preacher' and being gripped by the story of revival it told. As a matter of minor detail, it is the same park bench I proposed to my wife on over 20 years later.

A wonderful team are planning 24 hours of prayer to take us into our Easter day baptisms and their plan is to end with a sunrise service. I have been tasked with crafting a liturgy for this which is, for those who know me, quite clearly my sweet spot. Fear not, the Moravians (who I first learnt of on the park bench) are coming to my rescue.

Watching this film will tell you who the Moravians are and if it stirs you as it stirred me then that will be an answer to prayer. It's fascinating and worth the time. I've sent it to the team.....

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