Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A word for the hour

1, At Vicar factory we used to have discussions about first and second order issues. I prefer Wimber's sentence 'Keep the main thing the main thing'. Of course, that begs the question about what exactly we think the main things is. I might at this point direct you to 1 Cor 15:1-11.

2. This morning I met to pray with what goes in my diary as 'Pastor's prayer'  and it struck me that in our little gathering we have: Anglican, Congregational/ NFI , Free Church Charismatic, Pentecostal and Catholic seeking to focus on/work out falteringly together the main thing (we hope).

3. Each day I scan blog posts and a book I have known about for ages caught me eye as it was mentioned twice today. It also fitted with some of our discussion of the morning. It's called 'The Benedict Option' and is reviewed here and this is an Andy Crouch post on the same topic.

4. It seems to me that every generation is concerned about the seeming state of the Church as 'A Word for the Hour' by Spurgeon in 1887 testifies:

An abiding consolation in these evil days is to be found in the fact that the Holy spirit is working in the same manner as ever. A conversion to-day bears all the marks of which authenticated a conversion five hundred years ago.....It matters not how much the wise men of this world deride the gospel of our Lord Jesus, it still arouses the careless, guides the despondent, renews the guilty and sanctifies the believing.....While this is the case, what means this clamour for advanced thought? Can there be an advance upon a revelation which is complete? Is there anything better than Jesus Christ., the same yesterday today and forever? In patience let us possess our souls, resting not in talent and learning and influence for the progress of the Gospel, but in the Holy Spirit alone./ He can raise up leaders of eminence if other Pauls are needed. He can find learned pens if other Augustines are required. He never fails, not even pauses, for lack of instruments'

The Life of A W Pink, p.2

5. Darryl has a timely word that fads come and go.

6. I watched this at the urging of Mrs C and was reminded, as I often am, that our mandate is to preach the gospel afresh to this generation. The kids dancing on the bridge is an image that I can't shake.

7. We are meeting to pray and get the word out about Just One tonight here.

8. Is the Pope right or wrong on begging?

9,. We got given a free virtually new trampoline. Hello A & E.....

10. I appreciate Ron Edmondson's wisdom and this is a bit of it which might be timely for some of you.

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