Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Press on

'I have said for years now that church is the lamest hobby in the universe. Get a boat. Go mountain climbing. Ski. If you're just looking for some kind of self-improvement experience, do something other than church. The church as a self-help centre is a terrible thing to devote your life to. I mean it's on a Sunday morning. It's early. You have to stand up a lot. It's a lame, lame hobby.

Is this all you're doing with your Christian life?  Finding something to put in the 'spiritual' category of your life?

Or can you see the overwhelming truth of God's good news? Do you see that, compared to the infinite perfect holiness of God, your righteousness is garbage? And do you realise that God loves you eternally to the point that He is willing to put his holiness into action to forgive, save, and redeem you?  In faith, not works, Christs perfect righteousness is considered yours. 

So let us join in with the men and women in Scripture and church history, and with creation itself, in groaning for this gracious God. 

Don't stop. Keep pressing on. He has laid hold of you. 
And he will not let go. 
God help us, for the sake of His name'
Matt Chandler, Page 113

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